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Sony aims to revolutionise healthcare with the release of new and improved medical imaging platform

Sony has recently released NUCLeUS, an innovation that is easy-to-use and beneficial to hospitals across Singapore.

SINGAPORE | 4 September 2019

Sony has committed to helping healthcare organizations streamline their imaging workflows so that clinical staff and professionals can administer the best healthcare to patients. In lieu of this, Sony released NUCLeUS, a new and easy-to-use medical imaging platform that has a broad compatibility and interchangeability with different products or technologies. It offers a more effective and more efficient digital imaging workflow, which is where images of various human body parts are created for diagnostic and treatment purposes within digital health. It also enables transfer of important information across the whole hospital campus in both video and audio forms as and when needed.

NUCLeUS was designed to benefit hospitals by providing better training and education tools and by offering cost-effective management of medical image content, which is dispersed across the whole hospital campus. For example, NUCLeUS serves to enhance the performance of all imaging software and at the same time, improve the services provided in interventional suites, which are rooms where patients are treated in an outpatient setting, operating rooms (ORs) and examination rooms (ER). It also has a real-time transmission function which allows users such as clinicians and management teams make more informed medical decisions that benefit the patient.

With the continuous advancement of healthcare systems around the world, Sony has promised to help healthcare organizations increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their workflows through new and improved technology. This is so that healthcare workers are able to administer the best possible and most suitable treatment options on patients.

Sony intends for NUCLeUS to be the main system hospitals use for medical imaging by designing it such that it is able to improve work efficiency, safety and quality of medical treatments, as well as provide a means for clinical decisions to be more effective and more informed. This is because NUCLeUS allows protected and ultra-fast connectivity—that is almost unrestricted—to a computing power that can be used both in the hospital and out of the hospital. The signal processing (a branch of electrical engineering that models and analyses data representations of physical events) ability of NUCLeUS paired with the integration of AI technologies into Operating Rooms as well as the real-time data handling in hospitals and healthcare organizations all play a huge role in the complete revamp of healthcare in Singapore—they increase workflow efficiency by a huge extent.

“At Sony, we aim to develop the most advanced imaging solutions that empower medical professionals to provide their patients with better and more effective care. This new release of NUCLeUS is a big step forward on that path,” explained Leonard Yap, the Head of Medical Imaging Solutions, Professional Solutions Company (PSAP) at Song Electronics Asia Pacific.

“With the steady growth of connected services in modern hospitals, it’s now becoming a clear necessity to have a central imaging ‘operating system’ in place that collects, stores and distributes medical imaging files, not only within operating rooms, examination rooms and interventional suites but across the entire hospital network.”

“With NUCLeUS, medical professionals can be confident of the highest image quality and operational efficiency in their imaging workflow, to assist them in making better informed clinical decisions.”

NUCLeUS is an example of the continued investment by Sony in supplying healthcare organizations with a flexible and future-proof software-based working environment—it is a new suite that consist of smart applications and is designed to make full use of existing hospital network infrastructures. This ensures that the hospitals make profitable investments on NUCLeUS.

The revamped version of NUCLeUS consists of many workflow-oriented features for clinicians, IT-oriented features and Integration-oriented features. Examples of these added features, to name a few, include:

1. Enhanced streaming and recording of high-quality audios and videos (that are powered by advanced video switching and routing capabilities)

2. Updated education and teaching broadcasting capabilities by using real-time communication tools

3. Fully scalable solution which can be easily extended to other rooms or hospital buildings

4. Vendor-neutral software-driven platform

So far, University Hospitals Leuven (UZ Leuven) and Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden have deployed NUCLeUS in a bid to create enhanced surgical imaging workflows and hone their operations. UZ Leuven is one of the best teaching hospitals in Belgium that consists of approximately 2,000 hospital beds and 9,000 employees and is currently using NUCLeUS to perform thousands of surgical interventions every year across 34 of its digital operating rooms.

NUCLeUS is a next generation product resulting from Sony’s accession of eSATURNUS, a Belgium-based company that supplies clinical video-over-IP (a technology that delivers video services from one device to another over a computer network which are connected to the internet) solutions in the medical field. This expertise, combined with Sony’s strength in the imaging and AV/IV technology area, contributed to the eventual production of NUCLeUS.

This article was contributed by Ling Yi, an editorial intern at World Scientific Publishing Co. and a contributing writer for Asia-Pacific Biotech News. She is from Nanyang Girls' High School, has keen interest in learning more about life sciences and exploring literature, in both English and Chinese. She also enjoys studying different languages such as Japanese and Korean, and has a passion for dancing and reading. 

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